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How to cut blocks into slabs?

Fujian new show stone co.,ltd have big inventory of white marble slabs for your selections in Fujian,China. We bring white marble blocks from quarries around the world and then fix them on large BM gangsaw machine, which saw the blocks into different thickness(mostly 1.8cm and 2.0cm or customized sizes) of random slabs first. Normally it takes about 10 hours for cutting one big gangsaw block. Then dry them in the sun or dry machine, back adhesive sheets if necessarily, gluing(have to be dried in sun at least 24 hours or heating 2-hours in machine) ,filling holes etc. Before grinding and polishing, we will scraping the two surface to make them more uniform on thickness. The Standard sizes of marble slabs are sizes above 2400mm x 1200mm (96”x48”) for big slabs and small slabs above 600mm width, 800mm width etc.

Calacatta white marble in stock,can ship directly.

calacatta white marble block

Calacatta white marble slabs



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